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CQ18P-CA Potting Compound for Capacitor Product

CQ18P-CA Potting Compound for Capacitor Product

In order to match the potting black glue, Spark also customizes the black glue machine for customers. Many domestic and foreign companies, such as Philips and Osram, use the vinyl machine to pot seal the products. The advantages of using a vinyl machine are that it is easy to operate, ensures high quality and high efficiency of potting, and the working environment is environmentally friendly and clean.

Product details

  CQ18P-CA Potting Compound for Capacitor Product (Specifications)

1. Softening point (°C) >70 ASTM D36-86
2. Potting temperature (°C) 97-107
3. Thermal conductivity (W/m.K) >0.6 ASTM D6
4. Shrinkage (%, at 125°C-25°C) <2.0
5. Penetration (mm, at 25°C/100g/5 sec) 3.5-4.0 ASTM D5
6. Dielectric strength (KV) >23
7. Flash point (°C) >280 ASTM D92
8. Proportion 1.1 ASTM D176
9. Toxic substances None

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