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Shanghai Spark Technology Industrial (Shanghai Spark) delivers world class Asphalt Based Potting Compound which provides Lighting and Power customers with great encapsulating solution and exceptional system value. Shanghai Spark offerings include various potting compound solutions along with potting machines for manufacturing assembly lines. Both the compound solutions and the potting machines have been widely used by almost all domestic and multi-national lighting solution providers.
  Shanghai Spark was founded by two Shanghai Jiaotong University professors trying to fill a void in the lighting industry in the early 1990s. It was established in 1994 as an enterprise operated exclusively with capital from the US. Shanghai Spark delivered its first product in 1995 to Philips Lighting Electronics and LG of Korea. Since then, Shanghai Spark has become the largest Asphalt Based Potting Compound supplier in the world exceeding delivery of 100,000 metric tons of potting compound.
  Shanghai Spark’s factory is located Shanghai’s Jiading district. It is operating on direct sales model and it has sales presence in China and USA.

Address:Rm.809, Building 30, No.66 Lane 1333, Xinlong Rd. Minhang District 201101, China   
customer service hotline:0086-21-64854557

Shanghai Spark Technology Industrial Inc.