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Advantages of hot melt adhesive

Pulished:2019-07-18Number:loading...Source:Shanghai Spark Technology Industrial Inc.

Hot Melt Potting Overview

Potting and encapsulating with hot melt offers a number of advantages over using adhesives like Epoxy. Hot melt is easy to dispense, sets quickly and is very cost effective. Shanghai Spark Potting Compound (CQ18P-A1) was specifically formulated for potting and encapsulating applications. 

CQ18P-A1 is a asphalt based hot melt and is used in potting to seal components to prevent corrosion and ensure long-term durability of the product. CQ18P-A1 is ideal as it can be dispensed through a Shanghai Spark standard potting machine. CQ18P-A1 comes in black color as pictured.

Ways CQ18P-A1 Asphalt Hot Melt Is Better Than Traditional Potting Methods:

·       This hot melt has a fast setting time (5 seconds to 2 minutes depending on adhesive amount applied & application temperature)

·       Due to the fast setting time there is no need for drying racks or ovens to accelerate the curing process

·       Minimal waste and no need for mixing

·       These hot melt sticks boast a long shelf life

·       Makes clean up easy and leaves no messy residue

·       Cost effective Solution


CQ18P-A1 from Shanghai Spark is a trouble-free solution to potting and encapsulating electronic components. Contact Shanghai Spark ( with any questions about your potting or encapsulating application and see if hot melt is the right solution for you.



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