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Interview with Shanghai Spark General Manager

Pulished:2019-07-18Number:loading...Source:Shanghai Spark Technology Industrial Inc.

Shanghai Spark interview

Interview location: Shanghai Spark

Interviewer: General Manager Mr. Shou Chin

  1 Hello, I heard that you have been engaged in engineering research and development for a long time, working in Silicon Valley, USA, can you tell us about the US LED lighting?

  With the global LED market growing to $33 Billion, US is still leading the charge. Strong Dollar Policy makes the United States become the growing driver of global LED lighting demand market. Meanwhile, in order to maintain industrial development, the United States is promoting LED Development to meet the local market demand and expand market globally.

  In addition, American major manufacturers are actively developing LED lighting business, with the rising LED lighting penetration rate. LED commercial and industrial lighting demand is strong in the US market, among which demand for Troffer, panel lights, tunnel lights and high bay lights grows Fastest and they begin to develop towards intelligence and optical communications and other new application areas.

  Chinese LED lighting manufacturers backed by government financial aid, have carved out a huge chunk of the global LED market for itself and 2017 is expected to witness a continuation of this trend. We are looking forward to continuation of this trend.

  2 In the field of LED, there are many kinds of potting materials. As a company that has been focusing on vinyl production and R&D for many years, how does Spark regard the application prospect of vinyl in the LED field?

  The future is bright for Shanghai Spark Asphalt compound because we can provide high quality potting compound at a very competitive price compared to similar solutions. In some cases, our price is 1/5th of competitors' price. Once customers are used to the hot melt Compound concept, adoption is very easy and proceed very little cost. Most large multi-national LED suppliers are already using our compound for many years now.

  3 Now LED power potting is still in its infancy, but LED companies that plan to use black glue potting power supply have shown a rapid growth trend. So, in Spark's view, where is the outbreak time of vinyl application? How to deal with such opportunities?

  The timing is now. The earlier the LED supplier convert to asphalt compound, the better they can position themselves on the market in terms of BOM (Bill of Material) cost and quality assurance. We are increasing our customer base to around 20% yearly.

  4 Spark has been setting up factories in China for more than 20 years. In the past few years, what areas have your products been used in? Which customers have benefited from them?

  We have been working with the top traditional lighting suppliers over the last 20+ years. Historically, our focus has been on electronic ballasts, industrial capacitors, HID ballasts, transformers, and other various electronic applications. If you go through the top 10 lighting suppliers In the world, they are all Shanghai Spark's current customer.

  5 Can you share your company's business philosophy and strategy?

  Our business model has revolved around our core value, and that is customer first. We pride ourselves of our quality, our excellent customer service, and our production capability. I can honestly say, you can not find another asphalt supplier in this world that can Compete with us.

  6 Spark's vinyl production capacity and sales volume is the highest in the world. The Chinese market is so big. What are your winning experiences when you face competitive companies at home and abroad?

  We run a very honest and transparent business and we would like to help our customers save money. By maintaining the highest level of quality, we can compete with anyone in this market.

  We have reached our milestone of shipping 200,000 ton of asphalt compound. We also increased our production capability to 2000 ton per month. Those are all indications that we are committed to this market and we are here to stay.


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