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Use of potting glue

Pulished:2019-07-18Number:loading...Source:Shanghai Spark Technology Industrial Inc.

  The potting compound is liquid before uncured and has fluidity. The viscosity of the glue differs depending on the material, performance and production process of the product. The potting glue can be fully cured before it can realize its use value. After curing, it forms a soft rubber shape and has good impact resistance. It has excellent heat resistance, moisture resistance and cold resistance, and can extend the life of electronic components after application. The addition molding can be cured at room temperature and heating, and has excellent moisture and water resistance. For high-power street lamp power supply, power module, HID lamp power module, solar junction box potting protection, LED electronic display, LED electronic potting glue, circuit board potting, power line bonding, LED, LCD high power lamp , mobile phones, power boxes, ultra-thin computers, game consoles, digital cameras, airport runways, etc.

  Electronic potting compounds are divided into manual infusion and machine infusion.

  Adding molding 1:1 is machine-filled, and the most used in the market in the future must be 1:1.

  There are three ways to operate

  The first type: single-component electronic potting compound, used directly, can be shot or directly poured;

  The second type: two-component condensation type electronic potting glue, curing agent 2%-3%, stirring-vacuum defoaming-perfusion;

  The third type: additive molding potting glue, curing agent 1:1, 10:1. Pay attention to the following aspects when operating:

  1. The products to be potted need to be kept dry and clean;

  2. Please check the A agent first, observe whether there is any sedimentation, and mix the A agent evenly;

  3, according to the ratio of the amount, and the weighing is accurate, please remember that the ratio is the weight ratio rather than the volume ratio, A, B agent should be mixed thoroughly after mixing to avoid incomplete curing;

  4. After mixing evenly, please fill the glue in time, and the more the amount of glue mixed together, the faster the reaction will be, the faster the curing speed will be, and the accompanying release of a large amount of heat, please pay attention to control the glue once. The amount, because the reaction time is also shortened due to the accelerated reaction, the mixed glue is used up in a short time as much as possible.

  5. After infusion, the glue will gradually penetrate into the gap of the product, and if necessary, please perform secondary filling;

  6. During the curing process, please keep the environment clean to avoid impurities or dust falling on the surface of the uncured glue.


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