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How to Reduce LED Driver Failures

Pulished:2019-08-21Number:loading...Source:Shanghai Spark Technology Industrial Inc.

In modern time, the use of LED lighting is as wide spread as the internet.  The LED lamps show much more efficiency than the traditional incandescent and even the compact fluorescent lamps.  The LED lamps are energy saving, eco-friendly, and flexible in usage.  

LED lamps consist of LED light source, electronic control or drive unit, secondary optical parts, and heat dissipation components.  A typical LED lamp can last a lifetime of around 50,000 – 100,000 hours in usage.  Due to the cost of LED lamps being much higher than the traditional lighting solutions, it is critical to make the LED lamps last as long as possible.  

There are some LED lamps that can fail in a considerable time ahead of its claimed life.   This can happen due to the following reasons:

1) LED lamp operational environment shift over time due the weather, and/or other exterior elements.  Operation condition is not always constant.  

2) The lifetime mismatch between the LED lamp and its driver.  This means the driver often will fail much earlier than the LED lamp and this is what we will try to address here.

According to various reports, more than 74% of LED system fail is attributed to the LED driver.  Only 7% fail is caused due to the LED light source.

 How to Reduce LED Driver Failures

An LED driver has many failure modes.  It is usually a component failure which will cause output current degradation.  Besides electrolytic capacitors, thin film capacitors, ceramic capacitors, transformers, and power diodes MOSFET are all susceptible to failure due to driver degradation. 


So how do we improve lifetime of a LED driver?  Potting compound!  It will protect the components from outdoor harsh elements such as moisture and dust.  It will help to dissipation heat so the driver can operate at a lower temperature.  It is a great dielectric to insulate the LED driver components from unexpected electric shock.  Ultimately, it reduces LED driver failure.

Asphalt based potting compounds by Shanghai Spark Technology enjoy wide popularity among electronics industries due to their excellent electrical and mechanical properties, as well as their ability to offer protection against chemicals and high temperatures. Shanghai Spark’s CQ18P compound enables electrical components to be protected against dust, moisture and short circuits, and as standard potting compounds have better thermal conductivity than air, they provide more efficient dissipation of heat from components, thus prolonging service life.

Unlike resins which needs long cure time, CQ18P potting compound can cure within 1 minute of potting.  Which means instead of setting the enclosure aside for long cure process, one can start the packaging process as soon as the potting process is complete.

Asphalt Potting Compound Properties

While epoxy resins provide a hard and inflexible encapsulation when cured, Shanghai Spark Potting Compounds display more elastomeric or rubbery in their cured state due to the nature of asphalt.   This is particularly useful if the circuit to be potted contains delicate components.


When it comes to cost, there is no encapsulating solution cheaper than Asphalt Potting Compound.  This is why Shanghai Spark CQ18P Asphalt Potting Compound has been in vast production for over 20 years since the electronic ballast days.  Today on the market, Asphalt Potting Compound price is usually 1/3rd or 1/4th of the resin price.  As result, many LED driver makers are choosing Asphalt Potting Compound as a reliable and efficient cost down solution.  With it, LED manufacturers will NOT be able to compete in this cutthroat market.


Asphalt Potting Compound is a 1 part system.  It only needs an heat agent to melt the compound, then pot, then let it cool to cure.  It is purely a physical reaction which eliminates many of the health hazards from those 2 part chemical reaction compounds such as resins.


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