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LED Driver Protection

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LED Driver Protection


The LED driver is a crucial element to the light source, powering and regulating the LED during use. Whether the driver be directly installed with the LED or housed within a separate unit itself, it is important to protect the driver to maintain efficiency in any operating environment.  From early generations of failure analysis, when an LED system breakdown, the most likely culprit is the LED driver.  Due to high pricing of two part(AB) resin, polyurethane resin or silica gel, many LED driver vendors opt out from using potting compound all together to save cost.  As result, drivers are vulnerable to outside elements such as EMI interference, rust from humidity, early failure rate due to high temperature operation, and/or electric shorts due to moisture or casing.

So how can we protect our LED drivers and protect of profit margin?  Simple!  Use asphalt based potting compound.  Asphalt based potting compound also known as hot melt compound has been around for over 25 years since the electronic ballast days.  Over the years, it has also transitioned into the LED driver space.  This compound performs as good if not better than other resin and epoxy but at a fraction of the cost.  This is a mature product for a rapidly developing lighting market.

In the typical compound market, asphalt based potting compound is about ¼ the cost as the other resin and or epoxies.  This is why many power supply manufacturers are already adopting to hot melt compound applications.  With hot melt compound’s coating to the LED driver PCB, the driver is protected from the outside elements and improve the overall thermal management of the driver. 

There is no doubt that in another 2-5 years, asphalt based potting compound will dominate the power supply encapsulation market due to its unique cost point and ease of usage.  By converting to the hot melt compound early will put LED driver vendors and power supply manufacturers in a unfair advantage early to dominate the driver/power market.  The race is on!


Shanghai Spark Technology Industrial is the leading supplier of asphalt based potting compound and it also manufactures potting machines for assembly lines.  Its products are RoHS and REACH compliant and it registered under UL.  For more information, please visit for more information.



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