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Shanghai Spark Founder Donate to alma mater Shanghai Jiaotong University

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         Shanghai Spark Technology Industrial Founder Donate To Alma Mater (Shanghai Jiaotong University)

The donation ceremony of "High-throughput Scanning Electron Microscope" was successfully held on May 8, 2019 at Shanghai Jiaotong Univeristy in Minhang district.  George Chin, founder of Shanghai Spark Technology Industrial and also alumni of Shanghai Jiaotong University, donated a precious and powerful electronic microscope to his alma mater at the C100 lecture hall of the Conversion Medicine Building.  Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Twelfth National People's Congress and Jiaotong University Alumni, Yan Junqi, Party Secretary Jiang Sixian, former University President Xie Shengwu, Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice-President Zhang Ansheng, former University Vice-President Sheng Huanye, former University Vice-President Shen Weiping, nephew of George Chin, Director of Personnel Department of Ruijin Hospital and Chief Physician of Cardiovascular Medicine Jin Wei attended the ceremony. The donation ceremony was hosted by Zhang Ansheng.

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In his speech, Jiang Sixian thanked George Chin for his loyalty and his love for his alma mater.  Being a successful businessman, Geroge Chin repaid his University and the community with actions.  On behalf of the school, he expressed his lofty respect for George Chin.  The development and progress of Alma Mater comes from the prosperity and strength of the country.  The social reputation of Alma Mater also depends on the outstanding performance of excellent alumni and the style and reputation accumulated by the joint efforts of teachers and students.  He pointed out that the Analytical Testing Center has become one of the most powerful platforms in the field of analysis and testing in universities all over the country.  He hoped that the Analytical Testing Center would take this opportunity to play a greater role in this high-throughput scanning electron microscope and provide better services for the scientific research, personnel training and "first class" culture of the whole university.

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Zhang Ansheng introduced the leadership, guests and donation background of the ceremony, and expressed his sincere thanks to Mr. Geroge Chin.  George Chin was a 1968 undergraduate and 1981 graduate student of Shanghai Jiaotong University.  He classmate and friend to Yan Junqi, Xie Shengwu, Sheng Huanye and Shen Weiping.  George Chin generously donated more than RMB 3 million yuan and purchased a "high-throughput scanning electron microscope" to help the development of education and scientific research in Shanghai Jiaotong University, which fully embodies the spirit of Jiaotong University's core values and its intention to serve the community.


In his speech, George Chin affirmed and trusted his alma mater's educational and scientific research undertakings.  He stressed that this gift is a love and respect for teachers, classmates and Alma mater.  The donation of high-throughput scanning electron microscopy makes up for the shortcomings of traditional scanning electron microscopy, such as small observation range and slow imaging speed.  It is an effective supplement to scanning electron microscopy technology.  He expressed the hope that the instrument could provide more perfect scientific research conditions for Jiaotong University.

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In the common witness of all the guests, Yan Junqi, Jiang Sixian, Xie Shengwu and George Chin jointly unveiled the high throughput scanning electron microscopy.  Jiang Sixian presented certificates and souvenirs to George Chin on behalf of the school.


Analytical Testing Center teachers on behalf of Dr. Han Yao and postgraduate students on behalf of Mr. Zhang Heng made speeches successively.  They paid tribute and thanks to Mr. Chin.  They also expressed that, with the support of the new equipment, they should make further efforts to make greater contributions to the brilliance and glory of Jiaotong University.


Geroge Chin is currently serving as a board member on Shanghai Spark Technology Industrial’s board along with few other startups in the field of Industrial Design and High technology Applications.  


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